………………Till I come Back

It was the T-Shirt Festival
it feels so good
I am so happy that I am going home
Joining home with festive mood
To the hills of spring…
and I am springing heels for that
Wait for me …..I am coming

For My Fish!

Chunu and Munu
I separated them from their parents on my Mum’s birthday (Falgun Seven)
I confined them in the 3l bowl on the democracy day (Falgun Seven)
I played Bob Marley:
Old pirates, yes, they rob i;
Sold I to the merchant ships,
Minutes after they took i
From the bottomless pit……
Won’t you help to sing
These songs of freedom? -
cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs…..
And they dance in the Redemption Song
In the Song of Freedom
Two li’l Fish
In 3l Bowl
Pebbles and Plants and corals
At times I wonder
What do they live for?
In 3l Bowl?
For Pebbles and Plants and corals
And the Artificials?
Look at the Meaninglessness
Brother and Sister
Ain’t it so Stupid?
To tend Fish…..
They fight for a morsel of grain
And then again start making love
Their Stupid rhythm
Their Stupid Cosmic Dance
Their Stupid wanderings
Sisyphus Under water

Baby Come Back Home!

You may not like me babying you. But You are a baby. You are of baby material.You are so cruel and mean and unfeeling yet you are a sweet-heart and you ought to come home.You say , home is where the heart is, they say home is where the bed is, whilst I say, Home is where we are. Home is no home without plural”we”.Love is not enough, lust is not enough.A home has to walled and rooffed and painted and there need to be proper air circulation. You are a baby and you know nothing. You come home and I’l see you.

Chance and Challenge

Second Chance and double challenge. I am fearful of the road ahead.I need some inspirations. There will be trials and the ordeals. When ambition soars high, there will be fatigues.It will be like fighting with oneself;with incompetencies,with incompatibilities,with anticipations .God please help me to help them and Please help them to help me. Strenthen my sheathe and protect my dreams.

Leaving Things behind

It seems hard to leave a life of riches, of materials ,of love and totally a Commando Life. But it’s so easy, to leave things behind upon the heart’s call.We live for us actually , and living for us means doing for others. Let’s share some lights! Hats off John Wood!

Frozen and Forgotten

It’s indeed frozen ( there is a difference between “being Frozen” and “being Stagnant”). I have stopped writing ( there is a difference between “have stopped” and “have quit”). So, I can’t write anything( There is a difference between “can’t write anything” and “don’t want to write anything”). I am getting forgotten like an old scar. I am getting mingled into the mist of oblivion,slowly and imperceptibly. Even I can’t recognize myself.But it ain’t a tragedy. It’s an experiment. It’s solitude,it’s meditation,it’s observation,it’s celebration and it’s love . Thus,it’s beautiful.
I day-dream and I night-dream. I day-dream destructive and I night-dream constructive. I am all balanced and integrated more than before. I did everything,all these months of solitude but writing. writing hurts me. It squeezes me to bleeding. I was a writer, even professionally . But I could not continue writing. I could die but could not write. I tried overcoming, I fought tirelessly……this is this try. Lets see what comes up next.