in Just Feeling


Life’s a roller-coaster.I am mothering my mother.feels strange.

When I wake up, I feel good carresing her sleeping beside me.Then hot water,light breakfast,medicine,and what wud she like for brunch!!A Big No No to Bhaat!!what then? Chapati/Pudding/Porridge?Makaiko Bhaat?…I m so worried,till she eats well, like a mother worries for her child abstaining food.Then tending her at Sunbeam,hourly glass of water, milk, soup ..medicine..sometimes this sometimes that…sometimes she disobeys,sometimes she cries,sometimes she unfolds old stories…..and I am all here, all in charge of her…Just thinking,this might have been the exact way she had mothered me.But the difference being that,I must have been too demanding,ununderstanding,but she has always been demure and docile………………………………….

So..just thinking..what a roller coaster,this life is… 


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  1. Exactly! Life is a roller coaster.

    I feel very sorry for your mom’s illness. I wish her speedy recovery. You are taking care of her so well. She must be proud of you.

  2. Yes, definitely life is a roller coaster and indeed.

    We all hope for a speedy recovery for her.

  3. A true child always fulfils his/her responsibility glad same you are doing. I belive you are doing your best to enable her fight with the illness and hope she will be okey soon.

    Wish and pray to the God for her early recovery.