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It is written:Slumdog Millionaire

The Millionaire,he just does not win 20 million but a pricelless love and a promisingly decent life ahead

Slumdog Karorepati and Karorepatni :D

It was an interesting circumstance under which I watched the movie : Slumdog Millionaire.

How much can you do in those Eight hours of power supply ? ,Even so , four hours offer just half the supply.And guess the pangs and funs of watching a movie  in installments.However, I was nailed and hung from the beginning,like a tapestry on an old wall.Obssessed.Waiting for the light.

 I Normally watch the movies with readily parrallel  gullibility,so I have nothing to reproach or denounce.Also,can’t afford to  steal a piece of time from these  blessed early alit  hours to tell a tale,analize or express thorough opinion.

It was exhillarating.Meticulously unfolded.Critically threaded.Uncannily casted.Showed the kind of India quite contrary to Bollywood(except Madhur Bhandarkar’s or RGB’s Figments) and felt real.The story was utterly original though farfetched.

The movie evokes the senses.AR Rehman again sweeps away with his miraculous fusion.The spectacular is real enough to get etched into the heart.It feels warm,grinding.

The beautiful thing about it is that, it’s not pompous as that of Karan Johar’s.Also it does not look any Grand or Bhabya-movie-next door.It is simple and has been kept simpler.

The brothers rock through their absolute emergence in the role.I liked the movie more in its first part because of the innocence, intrigues, scrutiny of the slum-life ,the second half is more bold and grown up to be felt with warmth,it’s rather cold, I must say.

Dev Patel shines brightly as a budding leaf,I see a more dashing Hritik on him.The cast was wisely chosen,I am impressed.

So, nothing more to say.I enjoyed it, I loved it,I am inspired (as usual),hope it will make upto the oscar.Hats off to The Critics Choice!!

And Yes!! it will be remembered and I agree too:”It is all written”

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  1. yeah !
    it’s nice and it’s written… shown the dark side of mumbai…
    and actully, acting of those children are awesome…and indeed a good movie….
    पढेर भन्दा परेर जानिन्छ !

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  3. I’m also very eager to watch this movie as well. But time is all that counts.

    Well written article.

  4. Ohh
    Thank you Binay!for reminding.I have been so forgetful.I just deleted the caption(that ws actually a photo caption).

  5. मैले नि यो फ़िल्म हेरें | यो फ़िल्मको बेजोड़ प्रस्तुतीकरणले अढ़ाई घंटाको राम्रो उपयोग हुन्छ | निश्रर्ष नि सही नै होला..सबै कुरा देखेर मात्र कहाँ हुँदो रहेछ र, केही केही त लेखेको नि हुनुपर्ने रहेछ…

  6. I beg to differ. Its amazing how today’s media hype bullies people’s conscience to numb their ability to think logically!

    My detailed review of Slumdog Millionaire at Please comment!

  7. I watched it waking up at 12:00 in midnight…may be due to the stressful environment of night…I didn’t found that kind of thing that i used to be listened abt it…..

    movie हेर्दा मैले महसुस गरेको एउटा कुरा के हो भने जमाल हरेक question सँग related छ तर answer सँग छैन ।

    Like he knows that “Darshan Do Bhagwan” song…but I haven’t get any line that one has said him the author of it….

    Arvind says him the answer Benjamin Franklin…have anyone said the Surdas while singing the song ??? Plz correct me…..