Fair Game

One day when you come home from the forest

My Hunter,

Don’t be surprised if you find the Den quiet;

Your Lioness has developed a taste for her own game!

Take a seat, love: Put your bundle of carcass aside,

No Cubbies are much fond of it,

Elixir from her bosom is often enough to make them up,

Why don’t you do

A little peekaboo, piggybacking

A little tickling the tummy

A little merrymaking with your mane?

For which they have stronger appetite for!

One day when you come home from the forest

My Hunter,

Don’t be surprised if you find the Den empty;

Your Lioness has developed a taste for her own game

And she is out to-

Bring enough toppings to go with the meat you caught

Or enough meat to go with the toppings you brought

Do not forget we will need

Some extra for the cold days,

And for cubbies’ birthdays!


One day when you come home from the forest

My Hunter,

Don’t be surprised if you find the Den dark.

Would you mind kindling the dinner table, dear?,

And spreading the fresh table-cloth, the floral one

Arranging some china, if you may

For when I come home, wrangling with the fellow predators,

Blood-mouthed and exhausted

I’d like to put my feet up

Laugh as we eat together,

Yawn as we wash together

Chuckle as we cuddle together


Moan as we come together

A dry lily-petal

Water was everywhere


Where not?

Didn’t it nurture ?

Gave life

Gave Blood

Gave meaning

But then

Why’s the petal dry?

Arms of leaves stretched…..

Eyes of blossoms sparkling…

The love that’s swarming within..

Why doesn’t it come out and soak everything for good?

Why’s love failing me?

Cheers to the new beginning!

Cheers to the new beginning

Cheers to the new beginning

Happy new year 2065..oops! 2066

Cheers to the new beginning!


Sometimes beginnings ain’t so simple

and sometimes goodbye’s the only way….

Goodbye 2065

take all the jealosy and selfishness and meanness with you

take away the fatigues,the lethargies,the scarcity

sweep away the hatred…..

welcome 2066

Bring the harmony,the integration, the peace of mind,

the little happiness that’s on my part

Let me wake up everymorning in your arms

with the tinglish hangover of the love

that reigns all night all over

Let life remain the same, crispy,wispy,syrupy

steal my loquacity,lemmi steal your reticence

Lets coincide

Let’s come together………!as 2066 steals in secretly

You Never Knew

You never knew

that after you left I stayed

by the impression on the ground where you’d lain

I drew my hand

over the flattened grass and it was

as if I needed and cherished your absence more

than I needed and cherished you


(an extract from the poem SUSPENDED by Bruno K.Oijer from The Lost Words,translated from Swedish by Tom Geddes)

A Sigh…..

Whenever the Path forked,

I opted for the darker one

And kindled myself,

With the quivering flame

I kept on melting away

Till the last cube of wax

But I saw you nowhere

Lo! The wind blew me away


 ओ, आजको सिसीफस

ईतिहासबाट पाठ सिक

भगवानसँग विद‍ोह नगर

प्रेमिकाको परिक्षा नलेऊ

सांसारिकताको मोह नराख


 तिमी पनि हिजोकै सिसीफस बनौला

प्रेमपिडाको बोझ बोकेर,

यूगदेखी यूगसम्म

जिवन-पहाड; उक्लदै ओर्लदै

चतुर्दशीको जून…….

अफिसबाट निस्कदा,
आकाशको निलो,
धमिलिदै थियो
चतुर्दशीको जुन,
भर्खरै उत्रेको थियो आकाशमा
त्यही जुनलाई साक्षी मान्दै,
सुर्यको अन्तिम किरणले
गणेश हिमालको सिउँदोमा
एक धर्सो सिंदुर पोतिदियो,
लाजले होला
रातको घुम्टोले काठमान्डुलाई ढाक्दै
चन्द्रागिरीको डाँडोबाट
सुर्य फुत्रुक्क ओर्ल्यो,
अनि फेरि,
आफ्नै आफ्नै गन्ध बोकेका
ताता ताता सासहरु
गन्तब्यमा पुग्न हतारिएका
अनेकन् सुस्केरा र उच्छवासहरु,
माइक्रो बसको ताल सधैं यस्तै हो
“सुहागरात है ये घुङघट उठारहा हुँ मै
तुझे जमी पर बुलाया गया है मेरे लिए”
त्यो धरती र आकाशको सुहागसाँझलाई
माइक्रोबसका गुरुजीले, यो गित बजाएर
मधुर बनाईदिए ,
म सामाखुशी चोकमा उत्रदा,
अँध्यारो झन् गाढा भएको थियो,
दुर क्षितिजमा घरतीआकाश एकाकार थिए
र त्यो मिलनको साक्षी चतुर्दशीको जून
बहुत चम्किएर गएको थियो
जूनको मुन्तिर
मार्स र जुपिटर
लगभग ११० डीग्रीको कोण बनाएर
बसेका थिए; मानौं द्वारपालझै,
मफलरमा अड्केका आफ्ना सासहरुलाई
आफै सुंघ्दै, आफैं मदहोश हुँदै
केहिछिनको हिडाईंपछि घरपुग्दा
आकाशमा ताराहरुको बाढी लागेको थियो,
धरती र आकाशको बिहेपार्टीमा होला
“तिम्रो बिहेपार्टी चैं कहिले खुवाउने ?”
चतुर्दशीको जूनले मलाई जिस्काउँदै थियो
मोरो !!!!

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow
 domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the
 dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought
 and action–
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

      — Rabindranath Tagore