Nip Not the Buds


I say no to child marriage :Sunita Mourya of Maryadpur village

I say no to early marriage :Sunita Mourya of Maryadpur village


While the world media is abuzz with the news of kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, are we mindful of the girls in our homeland who are disappearing from school and subsequently from the arena of public participation and the formal job market?

According to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) progress report 2013, while girls’ enrolment in school constitutes 50.9 percent at the lower secondary level, it falls to 49.7 percent at the secondary level. Who is responsible for keeping half of our girls out of schools even when there is no Taliban and no Boko Haram here? It’s us, the family members of each household, who decide for them, and the occupants of high offices who refuse to decide for them. We have become as dangerous to our girls as extremists elsewhere due to our cavalier attitude to the misery of girls who are manacled by marriage before their bodies and minds are prepared to face the blows of life, sans proper schooling, sans proper age.

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Baby Come Back Home!

You may not like me babying you. But You are a baby. You are of baby material.You are so cruel and mean and unfeeling yet you are a sweet-heart and you ought to come home.You say , home is where the heart is, they say home is where the bed is, whilst I say, Home is where we are. Home is no home without plural”we”.Love is not enough, lust is not enough.A home has to walled and rooffed and painted and there need to be proper air circulation. You are a baby and you know nothing. You come home and I’l see you.

Chance and Challenge

Second Chance and double challenge. I am fearful of the road ahead.I need some inspirations. There will be trials and the ordeals. When ambition soars high, there will be fatigues.It will be like fighting with oneself;with incompetencies,with incompatibilities,with anticipations .God please help me to help them and Please help them to help me. Strenthen my sheathe and protect my dreams.