Cheers to the new beginning!

Cheers to the new beginning

Cheers to the new beginning

Happy new year 2065..oops! 2066

Cheers to the new beginning!


Sometimes beginnings ain’t so simple

and sometimes goodbye’s the only way….

Goodbye 2065

take all the jealosy and selfishness and meanness with you

take away the fatigues,the lethargies,the scarcity

sweep away the hatred…..

welcome 2066

Bring the harmony,the integration, the peace of mind,

the little happiness that’s on my part

Let me wake up everymorning in your arms

with the tinglish hangover of the love

that reigns all night all over

Let life remain the same, crispy,wispy,syrupy

steal my loquacity,lemmi steal your reticence

Lets coincide

Let’s come together………!as 2066 steals in secretly

It is written:Slumdog Millionaire

The Millionaire,he just does not win 20 million but a pricelless love and a promisingly decent life ahead

Slumdog Karorepati and Karorepatni :D

It was an interesting circumstance under which I watched the movie : Slumdog Millionaire.

How much can you do in those Eight hours of power supply ? ,Even so , four hours offer just half the supply.And guess the pangs and funs of watching a movie  in installments.However, I was nailed and hung from the beginning,like a tapestry on an old wall.Obssessed.Waiting for the light.

 I Normally watch the movies with readily parrallel  gullibility,so I have nothing to reproach or denounce.Also,can’t afford to  steal a piece of time from these  blessed early alit  hours to tell a tale,analize or express thorough opinion.

It was exhillarating.Meticulously unfolded.Critically threaded.Uncannily casted.Showed the kind of India quite contrary to Bollywood(except Madhur Bhandarkar’s or RGB’s Figments) and felt real.The story was utterly original though farfetched.

The movie evokes the senses.AR Rehman again sweeps away with his miraculous fusion.The spectacular is real enough to get etched into the heart.It feels warm,grinding.

The beautiful thing about it is that, it’s not pompous as that of Karan Johar’s.Also it does not look any Grand or Bhabya-movie-next door.It is simple and has been kept simpler.

The brothers rock through their absolute emergence in the role.I liked the movie more in its first part because of the innocence, intrigues, scrutiny of the slum-life ,the second half is more bold and grown up to be felt with warmth,it’s rather cold, I must say.

Dev Patel shines brightly as a budding leaf,I see a more dashing Hritik on him.The cast was wisely chosen,I am impressed.

So, nothing more to say.I enjoyed it, I loved it,I am inspired (as usual),hope it will make upto the oscar.Hats off to The Critics Choice!!

And Yes!! it will be remembered and I agree too:”It is all written”

सम्झनामा सुनिताको गाउँ-१

केहीसमय अगाडी उषासँग सुनिताको गाउँ जाने साईत जुरेको थियो । त्यहींका कोसेलीहरु ।
गाडीसे केहेदो चलें लेज मन्जिल है दुर..
गाडीसे केहेदो चलें तेज मन्जिल है दुर..
पहाडको मुन्तिर! त्यो स्यानो स्कुल

पहाडको मुन्तिर! त्यो स्यानो स्कुल

गोरी तेरा गाउँ बडा प्यारा !!
गोरी तेरा गाउँ बडा प्यारा !!
त्यो गाउँको गोरेटो!!

त्यो गाउँको गोरेटो!!

 कौन कम्बख्त केहेता है "स्साला पहाडोंमे क्या है ?"?

कौन कम्बख्त केहेता है "साला पहाडो‍‌मे क्या है ?"?

सुनिताको गाउँ

सुनिताको गाउँ

सुनिताको गाउँ पुगिसकेपछिका फोटोहरु पछि नै ।

होस्टे हैंसे

आउ साथी मार्च गरौं
तिम्रो सुकेको घाँटी
मेरा झरेका आँसुले भिजाउं
तिम्रा भिजेका परेला
मेरा दग्ध छातीमा दलौं।

तिम्रो फुटेको मुटु
मेरो बहेको रगतले रसाऔं
मेरो फाटेको हिया
तिम्रो काटेको छालाले टालौं।

मलाई रोपेको सियोले
तिम्रो गढेको काँडा झिकौं
तिमीलाई ठोकेको नेलले
मलाई छोपेको माटो फालौं।

मलाई कसेको डोरीले
तिम्रो खण्डित आशा बाधौं
तिमीलाई धसेको खुकुरीले
मलाई कसेको डोरी काटौं ।
आऊ साथी काँधमा काँध मिलाऊ ।

The poet is my Dad,again, and I dedicate this to you,dear Sangharsha….

To Mum,to Phoenix

I just completed 22 years of my life, and I owe my life to mum,to Phoenix,who is seriously ill these days ……but she will renovate because she is the phoenix.And I dedicate this blog to Mum,my Phoenix.

Getting 23 feels good but the journey was tough, yet pleasant.

And Mum, my Phoenix…I owe you these 22 staircases of this life-ladder. Each case was made up of your sufferings, your sacrifices, your graces and your love. You nourished me, my life, like the Ganges nourish the Indian plains.
You were always there, always at work, silent, submissive and lenient. I passed through your tears of years. You gave me 100%; I could not give you even a single percent. Now it’s late, though I have put my whole being for you, I remained short-handed; vain…to take you out of the mire…..I should not have left you when the colors left you. That was a mistake mum. That was a terrible stroke of fate.Alone, dejected, cold…I can imagine your sufferings and those following tears of yours during those times …that will curse all my life ahead. Forgive me Mum; I was too little to understand such a complicated tragedy of life.  But. There is no escape mum, and I am ready to pay the every price of your suffering. yet I m glad you have always been a Phoenix, you have been that emblem of courageous existence… so much of suffering and so much of enduring and so much of striving and so much of surviving….

You are the bulkiest volume that taught me the most.
You are the faith, you are the hope, and you are the love…..
And you know it, you are the one who inspired me to dream of children and the joy of submitting life for them…And I dedicate these 22 years and years ahead to you, to you Mum, to Phoenix.

Nati Binodini

A heart-Wringing   ride

 I think; people who adore theatre might have hardly missed this ride, for there was an overwhelming flush of audience in the Nachghar last Wednesday. It was a remarkably portrayed play that took the spectators along its heightening, widening and deepening emotional flux.

The story is an autobiography of a low-birth concubine, Binodini, who develops affection for theatre so much so that she dedicates herself to the theatre abandoning the colorful and affluent life of a Kept. She truly respects that divine world of theatre where women like her are enlightened by the deep knowledge of world’s best plays; the philosophy, the truth, the sense of humanity and divinity underlying in the masterpieces of Shakespeare and Milton. Theatre tends to anchor them out of the deep crevasse of flesh-market. But things do not go as expected; Binodini again has to sell her flesh for the price of the theatre building. “If the sale of my flesh, once and for all, can put this flesh-market to an end forever, then it’s worth it”, she thinks, and submits herself to the malice. However, to her chagrin, the history rejects the enormity of this sacrifice. Even her master urges her to distort the reality and present only the rosiness of her theater-life in that autobiography, Amar Katha.

The main plot is simple. It drags throughout. The main tension is simple. It hooks. Opulent costumes. It evokes the memories of those good-old-Indian days. Enchanting music; hypnotizing, tear-triggering. Excellent scripting, that reminds Tagore’s elaborative, metaphoristic style. Acting that squeezes heart, that sneaks deep into the mind and encompasses all the senses. The brilliant acting was the heart of the play, those uncanny portrayals of the layers of the womanhood and the sufferings. Unfailing lighting, choreography, direction, casting and all.

Written, directed, acted and crew-majored by women, it mainly permeates some kind of feministic aura. To build the world as it is today, women had had to sacrifice a lot, be it the Goddesses, or the mothers or the prostitutes of every time and everyplace; the play propels to think. Somewhere it reminds of “Vagina Monologues’”, the rebel against the battering and shattering of womanhood. Hats off to Amar Allana, the directress.

The legendry artist Kiran Manandhar Painted an abstract art after seeing the play. And I, too, penned abstract lines after seeing that. Let’s read:    

O! My thousand-petaled woman

Watch out for the wind

That’ll disentangle the thousand-pollens

Or, you’ll be crimson and done for

Saga of a dreamer and enterprenuer….


(An extract from my research report )

महाविर पुन अमेरिका बाट उच्च अध्ययन सकाएर आफ्नै गाउँ फर्कनुभयो, किनभने उहाँको जागिर खाएर बस्ने स्वभाव थिएन।उहाँलाई विचार र कामको स्वतन्त्रता मनपर्थ्यो। 

अमेरिका या काठमान्डु या चितवन या पोखरामा बसेको भए जागिर खाएर बस्नुपर्थ्यो तर म्याग्दीको नागीं गाउँ उहाँको लागि यस्तो ठाउँ थियो जहाँका मान्छेहरुले उहाँको कुरा सुन्थे र मनन गर्थे र जे जसो गरे पनि उहाँलाई त्यो गाउँमा दुइछाक खान दुख हुदैनथ्यो। अमेरीका बाट फर्केपछी सामुदायिक कार्यमा स्वयमसेवीको रुपमा काम गर्न उहाँ गाउँ फर्कनुभयो। त्यहा एउटा सानो सुचना पनि एक गाउँबाट अर्को गाउँमा पुराउन एक घन्टा देखी एक दिन हिड्नुपर्थ्यो। विदेशमा रहेका आफ्ना साथीभाईहरुलाई इमेल पठाउन उहाँ महिनाको एकपटक एक दिन पुरै हिडेर अनि बसमा चढेर पोखरा आइपुग्नुहुन्थ्यो। आफैलाई संचार को सारै समस्या परेपछि उहाँलाई लाग्यो ,“हाम्रो गाउँमा पनि इन्टरनेट किन नपुराउने ? “

 सुरुमा यो त एउटा सपना मात्र थियो किनभने नागीं गाउँमा बिजुली थिएन, टेलिफोन थिएन, सबभन्दा नजिकको सडक पनि सातघन्टा टाढा थियो। कम्प्युटर र इन्टरनेटमा विशेष रुचि राख्नुहुने महाविरले भर्खर भर्खर बिश्व संचारजगतमा वाई फाई प्रविधी सुरु भएको मेसो पाउनु भएको थियो। हुनत त्यो प्रविधी एउटा घर या केहि सय मिटरको दुरीलाई मात्र जोड्न सक्ने थियो। तर महाविर भित्रको स्वप्नद्रष्टालाई लाग्यो , यो प्रविधी लामो दुरी मेट्न पनि सक्षम छ। उहाँभित्रको उद्यमीलाई लाग्यो , परिक्षण सफलता असफलताको रिश्क लिनैपर्छ र उहाँभित्रको कर्मविरलाई लाग्यो, काम गर्नेपर्छ र सफल अवश्य होइन्छ। Continue reading


अभिशेक,रन्जन र अन्जन, दायाँबाट

अभिशेक,रन्जन र अन्जन, दायाँबाट

रन्जन फर्ष्ट भएछ।दुई कक्षाको पहिलो त्रैमासिक परिक्षामा।मिहिनेत गरे भाग्य बदल्न सकिन्छ भन्ने कुरा you are teaching me boss!I am proud of you…Keep up this spirit but सरले भन्दैहुनुहुन्थ्यो “भँगेरा जत्रो अक्षरलाई चामल जत्रो बनाउ ”  खाली कार्टुनमात्र नहेर ।Never forget that, Jupiter is the biggest planet…but only of our solar system . अनि अन्जन, भाई बाट केहि सिक यार । मान्छे naturally talented भएर मात्र हुदैन मिहिनेत पनि गर्नुपर्छ ।अभिशेक….तिम्रो ताल नि भएन यार । You are the best among 3,you know so many things but  पढाईमा मेहनत गर न । प्लिज ।   तैपनि तिनैजनालाई बधाई छ ।